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Cancer Support Groups

Who We Are – Vision & Mission

To create an all-encompassing support system for all children, who have a parent, family member, friend or close relative suffering from cancer. We are committed to creating an empathetic environment for the children to come together and be a part of lasting community through and beyond their parent’s cancer.

Ideas & Plans

Explore our innovative programs, support groups, and resources designed to provide comfort, hope, and guidance on your cancer journey.


Discover effective coping strategies, self-care techniques, and expert advice to navigate the challenges of living with cancer.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach, combining medical expertise, and community engagement to empower individuals facing cancer


Connect with fellow cancer warriors, caregivers, and professionals through our online forums, support groups, and networking events for the best quality support. The Diksha Foundation ensures you you’re not alone and we are with you.


Equip yourself with the tools and resources that are needed to manage your cancer journey with utter confidence and complete resilience. Empowerment starts here with The Diksha Foundation for every cancer patient.


Our compassionate team is always here for you to provide the best quality support, providing emotional support, guidance, and a safe space to share your cancer experience. We are the support you can trust blindly with your cancer journey.


Discover a wide range of enriching activities, workshops, and educational resources with The Diksha Foundation is built on the grounds of trust and belief to enhance your well-being and quality of life during your cancer journey. 

Our News And Events

Addressing Roadblocks to Care This National Cancer Prevention Month

The Diksha Foundation recognizes National Cancer Prevention Month to shed light to reflect on the advances in cancer prevention and care including screenings, early detection services, treatment advances as well as the emotional support available in coping with cancer for individuals and their loved ones. Read More

Advice from The Diksha Foundation on Coping With Cervical Cancer

In recognition of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, The Diksha Foundation, shares advice for individuals and their loved ones on coping with cervical cancer. Being diagnosed with cervical cancer can proliferate many emotions. Always remember that you are not alone – there is support available. Read More

Heartily Caring for a Loved One That is Dealing With Brain Cancer

The Diksha Foundation’s caregivers are unsung heroes for those diagnosed with brain cancer. They have to assume drastically different roles, rearranging their lives to provide the best possible care for their loved one. This is very true for those caring for a person who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Read More

Support Us

While the student leaders, are responsible for nearly every aspect of their chapter management, we support the student leaders across all year-round services. We help them build strategic plans, recruit and train professional volunteers, facilitate family and community outreach, and fundraise to cover all costs. Our support services encompass the whole family.

We Are Here To Help

At our Cancer Support Center, our dedicated team of experts is always ready to provide you with the necessary compassionate care, guidance, and resources to navigate your cancer journey experience with confidence and complete hope for you.

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